Sonata Rapalyte elegant & luxurious lingerie that inspires romanticism

Sonata “Sonatine” was featured by Gentlemens Butler:

Sonata Rapalyte elegant and luxurious lingerie that inspires romanticism is definitely one for your shopping list when looking for some luxury lingerie.

Buying a luxury gift for your lady certainly requires you to understand a bit about oneself and certainly the likes of the receiver, however buying exotic and some might say erotic lingerie for your loved one requires something even more intimate as though you still need to go through the same process, I believe ultimately one should try to encapsulate our dreams and desires. For me personally I am in my element as I am more than happy to explore all these subjects but I understand for many they might feel slightly uncomfortable or nervous about opening up to these subjects.

If I was trying to give one piece of advice about buying some luxury lingerie I would say “try to think of a film or if not, a book that inspires you”

Personally, I love Sophia Loren from those quintessentially stylish and sexy movies from the 60’s where I think of her in very romantic floaty and lace outfits.

There was definitely a key element that attracted me to Sonata Rapalyte’s luxurious lingerie but with her I felt a connection to the wonderful romantic and mystical countries of Morocco and India, places that know quite a bit about the sensualities of luxury life.

It was her understanding of how to conjure up a feeling and mood that makes her lingerie so exquisite.

Sonata Rapalyte, launched in 2009, a premium lingerie brand based in London, which soon became a “must have” luxury lingerie for the discerning woman. Imaginative use of fine French laces and luxurious silks created those imaginative journeys.

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