Rosa Diamond Knicker – It’s Monday again

It’s Monday again…

Wet, cold, already dreaming about next weekend…

I just want to have fun, a nice glass of red wine and to be in some beautiful lingerie, even if no one is going to see it. I’ve just read the latest article on how often we should have sex according to our age, how disappointing! Why can’t we make time for each other anymore?

Why are we so addicted to technology, work and money, when life can be so much more! I couldn’t resist, so I’ve just picked my favourite piece of lingerie. Its burgundy, classically sophisticated yet sensual, think Chateau Margaux.

No TV for me, some soft Jazz, and the smell of my favourite Diptique candle stimulating my senses. Ooh yes, slipping in to my favourite piece I’m reminded of how beautiful it really is. Soft lace, a really sensual piece, makes me smile, makes me feel  loved on a grey, wet Monday night….

This is what I’m wearing now…. the Rosa Diamond Knicker.

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