Opaline Diamond Knicker – Unexpected Tuesday Evening

Unexpected Tuesday evening….

Heading towards Oxford circus. Its dark, but all the Christmas lights are on, so I’m feeling good.

Actually feeling great, even better then yesterday. I’m not sure where this feeling is coming from
Outside Selfridges, on a stroll when something sparkled and caught my eye… It sparkled and attracted me like “The Blue Hope” diamond.

I stood and watched for a while.

I forgot about the people around me, time stood still… I was immersed. Surely I wouldn’t have forgotten to be on time for my favourite oysters and Bollinger tipple. This time I did and I realised why… I was wearing my magical blue Opaline diamond knicker, to me it felt just like wearing “The blue Hope”. Marilyn Monroe started playing in my head, another favourite of mine “Diamonds are a girls best friend”…

Feeling delighted wearing my Opaline diamond knicker and knowing Christmas is just round the corner.

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