Aida Set – Thursday


Another full but fun-filled day.

My more playful and romantic side is flourishing so I’ve embraced it and carried it into the night with my Aida white set!

Today ‘s been exciting and Christmas is definitely on people’s minds. All day I’ve had people asking me what I’m doing for Black Friday – they want to have some Christmas presents checked off of their lists, it’ll be out

I’m laying on my sofa now, looking at the delicately wrapped boxes full of my beautiful designs ready to send out tomorrow.

Some of favourite clients will be receiving a special message from me and perhaps a little present from me too ;)!

I’m not quite ready to call it a day, my Aida set has lifted me and I’m ready to venture out into the world again this evening!

Meeting with consultants for a night cap, let’s call it business… My Aida is coming with me so I’ll be in good company.

Order your Aida set here.