“The bodysuits fits me absolutely beautifully and also makes me feel beautiful.”
– Sophie

“Seriously, hats off to the team at Sonata– they did a fantastic job. The bodysuit the length is super comfortable and perfect for walking around, sitting, and lounging.”
– Keenan

“What a gorgeous bodysuit! Sonata Rapalyte always delivers with the most stunning designs, colours, and textures. Thank you.”
– Amber

“I purchased something from you that didn’t fit quite right and when I got in touch, you offered to re-make it in a custom size for my measurements. The piece ended up fitting like a glove and I absolutely love it!”
– Molly

“Oh my god the lingerie was totally divine. I opened the boxes on Wednesday and it was like 10 Christmasses all in one for a 5-year old child. I was dreaming…”
– Fiona